Vic Neufeld – Getting to know him more

May 17, 2019
Vic Neufeld is not new in the medical cannabis and alternative medicine business. Vic Neufeld has been in the industry for over three decades. Let us get to know Vic Neufeld on a deeper level.

Vic Neufeld's Professional Career

·         Vic Neufeld was the CEO of Jamieson Laboratories; one of the largest manufacturer and distributor of natural vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanical medicines, and concentrated food supplements in Canada.  He was with Jamieson Laboratories for 21 years. Under his leadership, the company the company’s annual sales went from $20 million to over $250 million. The distribution network of the company has expanded to over 40 countries making Jamieson Laboratories recognized worldwide.
·         He was a chartered accountant and partner with Ernst & Young.
·         He served as the director of Windsor Family Credit Union.
·        Vic Neufeld  was the CEO and President of Aphria Inc. for over five years; a leading medical cannabis distributor. It is a global cannabis company whose main goal is to provide high-quality cannabis experience to medical users. It is committed to improving its product quality and to continuously innovate. The company has been setting the standard for low-cost production of high-quality and safe pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis.

·         He served as the chairman of the board at Scythian Biosciences Corporation.
·         Vic was the chairman of the board for Liberty Health Sciences Inc. for two years.
·         He was the director of Enwin.
·         He was the member of the advisory board at Green Acre Capital.
·         Vic was an independent director of Neptune Technologies and Bioresources Inc. for over a year.
·         He was an independent director and lead director of Reko International Group Inc. for two years.
·         Victor Neufeld was the director of Pure Natures Wellness Inc.
·         He was the director at the council for responsible nutrition.

Vic Neufeld's Educational Background

·         He earned his bachelor’s degree in Economics, Accounting, and Finance at Western University, Ontario.
·         He has an honor’s degree in business and MBA from the University of Windsor.

Vic Neufeld's Field of Expertise

·         Financial accounting
·         Management

Vic Neufeld's Family Background

Vic Neufeld grew up in a strict family. His father solely raise him and his other brothers. His dad was originally from Germany and moved to Canada after World War II. He came from a poor family his dad sharecrops at a peach farm, saved money, and eventually bought their own small farm. Vic and his brothers were asked to help on the farm. Their day of rest is Sunday, which is reserved for family and worship. His father was the disciplinarian type and it molded him to be a man of character and integrity.

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